A Fabulous Luxurious Fabric Added To Our TuftyTime Fabric Line

June 13, 2018

A Fabulous Luxurious Fabric Added To Our TuftyTime Fabric Line

The design world is always evolving and so are people’s lifestyle and tastes.  Our production team is always investigating new techniques and quality materials that make up our TufyTime Modules.  Together with our manufacturing team, we have designed a fabric that is visually stunning and completely versatile.

We are excited to announce the introduction of our new line of premium fabric called Helios!

Velvety smooth yet completely durable and suitable for everyday life, our design team designed this exclusive fabric that is the absolute perfect compliment to our TufyTime Modules.

Available in a variety of beautiful, vibrant hues, our Helios Fabric is the perfect addition to our fabric collection for the TuftyTime Sofa.  The Fabric has a slight soft jewel sheen, with a smooth tactile element.

The elasticity of the Helios Fabric allows the fabric to effortlessly contour and shape the tufts of the TuftyTime respectively.  With a soft, plush pile, the Helios fabric adds a touch of luxury to your Tufytime Sofa. It truly emanates a timeless look that lasts.

Selecting the perfect color and fabric for your sofa is an important decision in the interior design process.  It tends to set the tone and the overall theme of your room. Let us help make the decision process a bit easier.  With the addition of our Helios fabric line, we are proud to offer an extensive selection of 70 colors and 4 different styles of fabrics!  

Request your swatch of our Helios fabric today!