May 02, 2017


At Tuftytime, we always welcome and accept all types of feedback from our customers whereupon we can gather reviews/comments (both good and bad) to continue to grow and produce the best quality sofa out on the open market!  

What differentiates us from other furniture stores is that we like to establish a solid relationship with all our clients. All of our materials, including fabric and cushion foam, are specially customized exclusively for our product line. We send out large fabric swatch samples via courier and collaborate with our customers to provide mockups of the final design. We truly value our relationship with every single one of our clients and make sure to involve them in all details from customization to following up once they received their sofa.  

As you may have noticed, we do not have a review portion on our site. We appreciate the authenticity of a customer review. In a time where credible online reviews are in the consciousness of the consumer, what is considered a good rating now varies so widely from site to site. Many companies are resorting to the unethical market practice of posting positive/fake reviews on their own websites as well as posting negative/fake reviews about its competitors. It has been currently exposed via news coverage outlets as the ever growing market of the ecommerce industry develops. We think that most ratings and reviews posted on the e-commerce outlets should be taken with a grain of salt.  

At Tuftytime, we strive to be trustworthy and we try to influence our customers by being forthcoming with all of our quality materials as well as providing responsive and knowledgeable customer service. We do have a compilation of customer e-mails with actual photos of their modules along with unbiased, real comments. These can be forwarded upon request!

We would love to hear from you…feel free to contact us at 1-833-662-4167 or