Why Opt for Tufty Time Sofa?

September 12, 2016

Why Opt for Tufty Time Sofa?

Regular sofas have limits, but TuftyTime modules are the epitome of versatility and style. Create effective, interchangeable seating, like a cozy corner piece, a linear sofa, a peninsula or island shape, and even 360 degree seating.  The possibilities are endless.

Originally designed by Patricia Urquiola, our well-priced TuftyTime reproductions are of the highest quality.

Why Modern Users Prefer Tufty Time Sofas to Other Sofa Systems?

Informal System: A Tuftytime sofa is often described as an informal sofa system. As the name indicates, Tuftytime sofas are designed by tufting traditional sofas, corner sofas and islands in a distinct way. The tufting methodology make the sofa system look like a combination of discrete cubes. You have the option to customize the Tuftytime sofas by combining the modules in a number of ways.

High Quality Fabric: When you have over 63 colours to choose from, expression is effortless.  Our fabric is created by blending cotton, wool, and nylon fabrics seamlessly. Each module is custom-upholstered with a premium blend of cotton, wool, and nylon specifically engineered for durability and comfort.

Durable Frame and Legs: In addition to using high quality fabric, our Tuftytime sofa is also designed with durable frames and solid legs. Based on your preference, you can choose sofa systems with legs made of stainless steel or solid wood. Likewise, the frames included in the sofa set are made of pretreated lumber stock. Hence, you can use the Tuftytime sofa over a longer period of time with little maintenance.

Stylish Design: Our online shop allows you to customize the look and feel of the Tuftytime sofa by choosing from an array of colors and finishes.  When you have over 63 colours to choose from, expression is effortless.

 Designed for living, every combination created with our Tufty Time pieces will create a customized space in any home or office. Clean lines and modern looks come together to create lasting sofas that live in harmony with their surroundings!